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A Cognitive Regulatory Control Model Of Schizophrenia

Depression: Discrete Or Continuous?

Hypomania: A Depressive Inhibition Override Defense Mechanism

Personality Disorders: A Dimensional Defense Mechanism Approach

Psychological Defense Mechanisms: A New Perspective

How Psychiatric Treatments Can Enhance Psychological Defense Mechanisms

Cognitive Regulatory Control Therapies

Psychosis: A Synthesis Of Motivational And Defect Perspectives

Augmenting Behavioural Activation Treatment With The Behavioural Activation And Inhibition Scales

Repetitive Maladaptive Behaviour: Beyond Repetition Compulsion

Therapeutic Dissociation: Compartmentalization And Absorption

Delusions And Self-Esteem

Motion Sickness: A Negative Reinforcement Model

A Four-Component Model Of Sexual Orientation & Its Application To Psychotherapy

What Is Sexual Orientation All About? Explaining An Evolutionary Paradox

The Rational Unconscious: Implications For Mental Health And Psychotherapy

Consciousness & Time: A Time-Based Model Of The Evolution Of Consciousness

Sliding Scale Theory Of Attention And Consciousness/Unconsciousness

A New Perspective On The Universe: Actualization Of Potentialities

Theory In Psychiatry Course

Cognitive Regulatory Therapies Course

Conceptual Advances In Psychiatry: Practical Applications To Treatment Course

Defense Mechanisms: A Novel Approach To Mental Illness Course

Repetitive Maladaptive Behaviour: Beyond Repetition Compulsion Workshop

Brad Bowins Research Summary